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African lion safari   

/ wildlife experience rebrand proposal

The purpose of this proposed rebrand was to develop a cohesive visual identity that provides a better experience for current patrons, boots the brand's visibility amongst competitors, while at the same time providing a professional and reputable presence for wildlife conservation programs.

Although they are doing some amazing work as an educational facility and conservation leader, their current branding is simply not reflective of this progressive work. This brand proposal shows that this professionalism can be accomplished, while maintaining a playful sense of adventure. 


outdoor advertising 

Branding Manual Excerpts 


social media 

staff uniform mock-ups


park vehicle mock-ups 

additional branded materials 


Project information

Project done for:  YSDN 

Year: 2016     Professor: Lyle Fraiman

Skills used:  logo design  / psd mock-ups  /  illustration  / copy writing  /  photo curation  /  layout  /  general branding