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Oxford County CISM   

/ emergency personnel support services

The challenge for this project was not only to rebrand the Oxford County Critical Incident Stress Management Team, (CISM), but to consolidate their plethora of information to create easily accessible and interesting means of accessing it. The main component of this was the creation of a website, as well as pages on social media and an overhaul of key presentation slides. The most important thing when developing the brand was to give it a look of authority without becoming unapproachable, (clinical). This way people can feel that the information given is trustworthy while still feeling comfortable accessing this type of service. 

Next steps for this project include the creation of new printed media, such as; pamphlets, booklets, business cards and various clothing. A link to the full website can be found below. 



Logo Variations (denoting department)

logo with word mark no.1


logo with word mark no.2


website example full scroll shots 

additional logo ideation  


Project information

Project done for:  Carol Beecraft

Year: 2017   Team: None

Skills used:  logo design  /  illustration  / copy writing  /  photo curation  /   web design (template editing)  /  layout