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Dark side picks  

/ sports personality commentator

The challenge for this project was to develop a fun and engaging brand that would fit into the established aesthetic of the world of sports while reflecting the bubbly feminine energy of the client. We worked together to come up with the name 'Dark Side Picks,' a play on her *mild* obsession with Star Wars and the idea of making an unexpected, or "dark" sports bet. 

The client and I worked closely to establish the feel and tone of the brand, from which I developed the main logo. After finalizing the logo, I produced a branding manual, assets for social media and finally the website itself. A link to the full website can be found below. 



example full scroll shots 

Branding Manual Excerpts 

additional logo ideation  


Project information

Project done for:  Katharyn Wilks 

Year: 2016     Team: None

Skills used:  logo design  /  illustration  / copy writing  /  photo curation  /   web design (template editing)  /  layout