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History of Love 

/  Communication Design, Multi - Infographic DPS

The aim of this project was to create an interactive application for people to explore interesting facts about love and sexuality through biological, psychological and historical lenses. Also in doing so it aims to teach people about the importance of sex education by comparing the types of sex education, sexual views and STI rates of different countries. 

The app has 7 chapters, mockups of which can be seen below. They range from chronicling famous love stories throughout history to showing what parts of the brain produce the chemicals responsible for what we call love. This project was developed for Adobe DPS.




Visual Style  

While developing the visual style for the project I wanted to stay away from an overly mushy pink and red style. I decided to go with a colour pallet that had more of a romanticized 50’s housewife, type of feel. The primary colour pallet is a strong red juxtaposing a variety of mint greens. For click-able items like the keys and the padlocks for the lovelock map I used 2 shades of soft gold so that they would stand apart from other items. For the illustrations I wanted to use a bold iconic style that was simple and uncomplicated. I used photography for the pop ups in the love story timeline and love lock timelines as I felt it was more appropriate to the subject matter to show the real people/places. 




Project information

Project done for:  YSDN         

Year: 2016    Professor: Claire Ironside 

Skills used:  research  /  data curation  /  writing  /  typography  /  illustration  /  Adobe DPS creation