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The idea behind this piece was to create a booklet honouring the life and works of a Canadian artist. I decided to work with Lawren Harris, not only because his work personally has inspired me, but because he, along with the rest of the Group of Seven, are an important part of Canadian heritage.

One of the main reasons the artists of the Group of Seven were drawn to one another was their collective frustration with the conservative quality of Canadian art at the time. They decided to band together, in an effort to create a Canadian style worthy of representing their great nation. 






In choosing which of Harris's work to represent, I wanted to showcase the evolution of his painting. Beginning with the hyper realism of his early years, through the paintings of the Canadian north that he is most famous for, to his later work with geometric abstraction. I chose to print the booklet on watercolour paper, the cover 150lb and the inside 80lb, to evoke the feeling of painting and give a rustic feel that would embrace the spirit of the Group of Seven, trekking through the Canadian wilderness. I did both the research and copy for this piece. 




Project information

Project done for:  YSDN         

Year: 2014    Professor: Gary Leroux

Skills used: 

layout  /  typography  /  research  /  writing  /  overall design  /  image curation