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maker pizza  

/ TO. based restaurant brand  

While working at Community Agency in Toronto, I worked on the development of a new pizzeria called Maker. Under the guidance of Creative Director Jenny Vivar, I worked to create the branding pitch deck for the client, creating brand assets and psd mockups.

These assets include; the front end design of the website, the menu design, psd mockups of signage for the building exterior, as well as many of the internal design elements. A link to the live website can be found below. 




pitch deck Excerpts 

exterior signage 


promotional rewards punch card 


on site signage survey 



Project information

Project done for:  Community Agency   

Year: 2015 

Team: Worked under Creative Director Jenny Vivar

Skills used:  website design  /  psd mock-ups  /  layout  /  typography  /  on-site visits