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While working at Community Agency in Toronto, I was extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work on the brand for an up-and-coming children's clothing company called marQ. Under the guidance of Creative Director Jenny Vivar, I worked to create the primary and secondary logos, as well as the pitch deck, and brand guidelines package. 

When developing the brand, the client was looking for something that was playful, with a childish energy but without being too chaotic, to symbolize the comfort and simplicity of the clothing. It also needed to show that it was high-end merchandise with a focus on being environmental. She also wanted the brand identity to refrain from being gendered, focusing on soft, but neutral colours. 



Branding Manual Excerpts 

clothing mock-ups


Project information

Project done for:  Community Agency   

Year: 2015 

Team: Worked under Creative Director Jenny Vivar

Skills used:  logo design  /  ad design  /  layout   /  typography  /  photography sourcing