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mental health awareness 

/ infographic campaign

The idea for this project was to create an infographic based brochure about mental health awareness targeted towards young people, especially those in university. Although anyone at any age can have a mental health issue, the most vulnerable demographic is young people aged 15-24. The goal of this project is to educate people about mental illness as well as showing them daily ways to be mentally healthy.

The inside of this brochure is made up of 8 panels, each discussing a different topic. These portions are meant to educate people about the truths of mental health and mental illness to reduce misconceptions that cause stigma. The outside of the brochure is a poster that focuses on stress and ways to manage it in order to take care of yourself and be mentally healthy. 

I wanted to use bright colours and clean forms to develop visuals that would make an impact while engaging with the reader. It needed to be clean and organized without appearing medical and to embody calmness without seeming to tip toe around the issues at hand.






pamphlet sleeve  

In order to include more information I did not make a title page on the pamphlet itself. So that potential users would not be overwhelmed by information when picking up the pamphlet I created a simple slip cover that only exposes the top of the brochure with the title.



Project information

Project done for:  YSDN         

Year: 2015    Professor: Gary Leroux 

Skills used:  

illustration  /  research  /  layout  /  overall design  /  writing  /  data compilation