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up and away  

/ hot air balloon festival promotional material

The brief for this project was to find an already existing Canadian festival and completely rebrand it. I chose to rebrand the french Canadian hot air balloon festival, 'International de montgolfières de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu' as the 'Up and Away' festival. Taking into consideration the target audience, the festival's history and the goals and values of the festival I worked to create a cohesive visual system that embodies the family friendly and playful atmosphere of the festival.

The goal of the re-branding was to further develop and strengthen the current brand message, appealing on a multi-tiered level to the main target segments, ( young families), as well as several sub target sectors. 






For the ticket portion of the project, I decided to create a specialty ticket that a visitor would receive if they purchased a hot air balloon flight. These tickets are different than a regular admissions ticket, which I thought could be created as a smartphone application for efficiency and to be more environmentally friendly. As these tickets are more expensive I liked the idea of creating them as memento for the visitor, a memory of their hot air ballon experience. I created them to be three dimensional so that they would be a continuation of the visually 3D feel of the poster, as well as making them more interactive. 






As well as the geometric, photographic visuals used for the poster and ticket I developed a vector graphic vocabulary to be used on other branded materials, including smaller items, like a smartphone app and business cards. I wanted to create a playful and memorable brand that would remain cohesive through different mediums and components tied together by font, colour and the family friendly style. 




I wanted to create the balloons by hand to give the poster an arts and crafts sort of feel, appealing to the nostalgia of parents as well as the creativity of kids. I wanted to invoke feelings of simple honesty as well as magical whimsy. I also wanted to create a sort of sensory experience, a desire to reach out and touch the 3D forms as they pop off the page. 




Project information

Project done for:  YSDN         

Year: 2015   Professor: Michael Huggins

Skills used:  

research  /  layout  /  research  /  illustration  /  overall design  /  data curation